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Octavia Housing

competition (with Alex Yale).

particulate matter: designing minimal space to maximize life. particulate matter floats in our air and water, gradually increasing as more and more pollutants are introduced. beyond a certain threshold these vital resources become poisonous to us. our lives can be affected in a similar fashion by increasing lists of possessions. as the west coast grows at a rapid rate, everything in life is expanding; cars are larger, furniture is larger and general living spaces are larger.  the site for this project provides an opportunity to challenge the american predilection with size. our building serves as a kind of datum, removing excess space and promoting a "smaller is sexier" mentality. it communicates within the uniquely capacious context of the redeveloped octavia boulevard. our project also serves on a practical level, with real estate prices at balloon proportions new ways of thinking about space are vital to the existence of the middle class in san francisco. our goal was to create a sustainable living space that takes up less square footage, reducing rents, and allowing for the use of top quality materials and construction. to achieve our concept, we designed each apartment as an open plan.  in the center of each plan is a core of functions. the simple design eliminates the need for "stuff" by combining the necessary appliances and fixtures into one compact unit. we have attempted to create affordable housing that is desirable and innovative without the excess.

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