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Full Competition Boards

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Competition (with Matt Brown and Hope Telford)

1 | 4 | 5 House

blues in green. "1, 4, 5" - twelve bar blues. the paradox of the blues became the guiding principle for the development of our project. both are simple and small, yet achieve complexity and depth by the way they are put together. both acknowledge our limitations as finite beings and by touching these limits, gain freedom. music's inherent emotional, intuitive, and personal qualities facilitated our connection to the notion of home and the essence of what it means "to dwell". in our estimation, when it comes to home, few people are prepared for the density of bach, many believe they need the digestibility of pop, but we believe enduring sustenance lies at the heart of the blues. in order to make our metaphor more specific, we took initial inspiration from the song "boomer's story" as interpreted by ry cooder. in this story, home is a state of mind, and the visceral reality of the boxcar. the boxcar's spatial and material power, grant a face to face encounter with the nature of one's existence and the elemental qualities of place.   american tract housing has become a 2 dimensional image, a grocery list of items that masquerade as a home. this intellectualizing results in the soulless constructs that are referred to as the "dream home", contributing irrevocably to a burgeoning vacuum defined by possessions and boundaries. the blues are an acknowledgement of limitations, celebrating humanity and transcending temporality by employing a basic system - 1,4,5 - to achieve artistic grace. the blues show us how we might build simply and honestly, in a way that is both rich and beautiful.

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