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competition (with Matt Brown).

Tulum Museum

Tulum, formally ‘the city of dawn’, has a primary orientation that reflects and reinforces the presence of the rising sun. This connection finds its point of condensation at the Castello, where the solar vector connects heaven and earth. Standing at the end of this vector one becomes part of a time gradient: universe; earth; city; individual. We believe authentic architecture uncovers and connects with the forces present at a given place, using built form to extend and amplify presence. Consequently, our design of a site museum for Tulum finds its form and place on the site by reaching out to reference the rising sun and attempting to fold itself into the existing time gradient, thus preserving and emphasizing the hierarchy of forces evident at Tulum. To this end, the gradient is modified to become: universe; earth; city; museum; individual. project goals:


1.dramatize the cosmic axis and terrestrial datum.


2.extend the gradient of time: universe - earth ¯ city ¯ museum ¯ individual


3.defer importance back to the site itself to create a form that.


4.mark the entrance and parking for the site use the building form to the visitor from initial arrival to the entrance at the old city wall.


6.receive visitors back into the interpretive center after their experience at the site.


7.encourage further exploration and reflection on Tulum and the Mayan Civilization.


8.promote interaction with local vendors.

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