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Lupine Flats House 1

550 sq. ft. new construction. design-build. TEAM: Randall Teal (lead), Mark Engberg (COLAB Architecture + Urban Design), Nils Peterson (Moscow Affordable Housing Trust), Madalyn Asker, Brenna Church, Amanda Eller, Sterling Jones. 
photo credits: Melissa Hartley, Randall Teal, Nils Peterson 

Over the past two years I have worked with an alumnus and the director of the local affordable housing trust to create a project framework that will allow the construction of six small homes over the next six years with six different teams of student designer/builders. This project aims both to teach students the connections between drawings and construction, and address housing shortages in our community. The six houses are composed of three one-bedroom houses based on a 550 ft.² plan, and three two-bedroom houses based on a 750 ft.² plan. The six houses share a single lot that is owned by the affordable housing trust; the scale of the homes and the shared land are the primary means by which the which these projects reach an otherwise disadvantaged population of potential homeowners.

The house pictured is the first completed home. It was designed and built by four University of Idaho architecture students under my guidance and the assistance of many, most importantly Mark Engberg and Nils Peterson.

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