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Holocaust Education Center

shaddai: before there was beginning, there was en sof, 'the infinite nothing'. in order for the world to come into being a void was established in the nothingness, this void allowed creation to take place. the force that maintains the void is known in hebrew as shaddai. the term means, 'that is enough' and without this regulating force the void would be consumed, the world destroyed. in the case of the holocaust shaddai means we say 'enough' this will never happen again. to this end it is essential that the void that was created when millions were murdered remain tangible. memory is the force that can prevent infinity from encroaching and erasing. for if infinity reoccupies this space we have forgotten and all will be lost. the concept for the holocaust education resource center is that memory is perpetuated though memorial and education. these elements exert a force acting upon infinity allowing the connection of past and future, in hopes of progress in the further establishment of human rights. the form of the building reflects this concept. the classrooms press upward folding the sod roof, while the gallery and courtyard maintain the perimeter against the pressing earth. the thrust of the building negates the earth's infringment, emblematic of the struggle of memory against time.

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